GlassFree for iMac (vintage)

Everybody who thinks that it’s complicated to remove the glass we would like to show the following video. Actually, it is a very simple procedure: you can remove the glass very easily because it is only hold by magnets. This video explains how.

Apple iMac Glass Removal: Cleaning Behind the Glass

The removal of the iMac’s glass is very simple. Instead of the shown big suction cup, you can also use a smaller one. It is only important to lift the glass far enough from the case that you can grab it an remove it from the iMac.

After removal, you can attach GlassFree for iMac. First, find the metall brackets that are on the underside of the frame. These fit in the iMacs notches. Just fit the frame to the iMacs case and center it.

Then tilt up the frame carefully. Holding the frame on the right and left side ist best. The metal discs will be attracted by the iMac’s magnets and the frame is attached. Should the frame not be centered perfectly, you can now move it a bit to make the looks perfect.