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GlassFree for Thunderbolt Display

GlassFree for Thunderbolt Display is a solution for your Thunderbolt Display that reduces glare and removes the second focal plane in front of your display. GlassFree for Thunderbolt Display is a black frame that replaces the Thunderbolt Display’s glass. You get a better viewing experience due to the fact that you directly see the display.

By removing the glass in front of the display you get a clearer and crisper image, the pixels are right in front of you. You can work more comfortable with the brilliant display.


GlassFree for Thunderbolt Display is lasered computer-controlled and fits the precise build quality of the iMac perfectly. The frame is made from black plastic and fits the dimensions of the 27 inch Thunderbolt Display exactly. Cleanly drilled holes for camera, LED and light sensor are existing.

The frame won’t make a matte display from your glossy Thunderbolt Display. It reduces, however, the strong reflections caused by the glass. If you are not sure if you would like a GlassFree for Thunderbolt Display frame, just test it for yourself. You can remove your glass as described in this how to in our support section.

GlassFree for Thunderbolt Display is made from 2mm Acrylic so you won’t notice a difference in thickness compared to the original glass.

Thunderbolt Display in white

New: GlassFree for Thunderbolt Display is now available in new colors: Snow White, Ice and transparent

The Snow White color is an hommage to the G3 iMacs. The material is white, but you can see a bit through. It also has a nice shine, when the sun illuminates the frame from the side. For comparison: It is not as plain white as an Airport Extreme for example.

GlassFree for Thunderbolt Display in snow white

The Ice variant lets you see even more through it. A bit less white and a bit more transparent, it compliments OS X Yosemite’s and iOS 8’s kind of transparent background layers. This is the right choice, if you want to have a light and interesting look for your Thunderbolt Display

GlassFree for Thunderbolt Display in Ice color

Your are even more curious what’s going on in your Thunderbolt Display? Then the completely transparent frame is right for you: You can see every little detail. For an industrial look, this frame is the way to go.

GlassFree for Thunderbolt Display in completely transparent