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GlassFree for iMac will be soon available

Our Crowdfunding campaign was not successful, but we worked hard to make GlassFree für iMac a reality – and it will bee soon! You then can replace the glass in front of your iMac display (models until 2012)

Best thing is: the frame looks even better than we expected. We will show you the first pictures in the next days.

In the meantime, Apple presented a new iMac model. Interesting is that Apple did improve some of the critical points: the distance between glass and display is reduced and the glass should have less glare. The pixels, however, are still seen through an additional glass. All iMac user with the previous modell can eliminate all those critical points with GlassFree for iMac – and keep their precious modell with optical drive. For all those who are waiting: GlassFree for iMac will be available soon.