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Support our IndieGoGo Campaign “GlassFree for iMac”

You think it is a good idea to remove the glass in front of your iMac display to have a clearer view and less reflections? You want nothing between your eye and the pixels? We do, too! Thats why we came up with the “GlassFree for iMac“, a plastic frame that covers the magnets and ugly parts around your iMac’s display but lets you see the display in its full brilliance.

To produce the GlassFree for iMac, we need your support. We actually did a lot of work, tested the iMac for electromagnetic tolerance (everything is fine), ruled out wrong materials (only plastic isn’t stable enough, metal blocks the antenna signals in the frame) and are currently creating a 3D model.

The frame will be made of high qualtiy plastic with metal stripes on the back to hold it on the iMacs magnets. We also let room for antenna signals, so you still can use wireless an bluetooth without problems. Furthermore, the finish of the frame will fit perfectly with the matte finish of the iMac aluminium body, so the design will still be perfect. There will be two sizes: one for the 27 inch and iMac and one 21,5 for the smaller one.

Sounds far more complicated for a simple frame than expected? That may be true, but we want to create a product that we too want to use with joy -- it is a part that you see everyday. If you also would like to improve your iMac and keep its beatyful design, support our IndieGoGo campaign. We promise to work hard to make the GlassFree for iMac a reality -- fast.