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berlin1000 drive for MacBook – FAQ

How do I get the berlin1000 drive out again?

That’s simple: you take the adapter and insert in carefully in the upper part of the SD card slot until you hear a “click” noise that shows you that both parts are connected. Then remove it like a normal SD card. Make sure you have unmounted the drive before! ;)

Can I extend my iMac’s memory or my Mac mini’s memory, too?

Sure. Any SDXC card reader is compatible with berlin1000 drive.

How do I remove the adapter best?

The easiest way is this: Place your MacBook with the inserted berlin1000 drive with adapter over the edge of a table. Then use two fingers to push the adapter together from top and bottom, right there where it says PUSH. Remove the adapter carefully.

Can I use the berlin1000 drive in a Raspberry Pi?

As as we know the Rasperry Pi is able to read SDXC cards, so yes, you can use a berlin1000 drive when you are searching for a short SD drive.

I own a PC and would like to expand memory with berlin1000 drive. Is that possible?

I depends. berlin1000 drive will be recognized under Windows or Linux, as long as the computer has a SDXC card reader. berlin1000 drive has a length of 18mm without adapter – when the slot in the notebook is longer than that, the drive will vanish like in a MacBook and can be kept permanently in the slot. There are card readers which are spring loaded, however – we can’t say how they work together with berlin1000 drive.