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berlin1000 drive for MacBook Pro and Air

berlin1000 drive is a memory extension for your MacBook Pro and Air that fits in the SD card slot.

64GB. Simple to use. Invisible.

When you feel that your SSD is full or too small, berlin1000 drive is the solution for you: put it in the SD card slot you get 64GB of memory more in seconds. You can use your now memory space for storing your music, pictures, videos or just use it as a backup drive. It appears as additional drive on your desktop and you can copy files on it like on an usb stick or harddrive.

When you insert it in the SD card slot make sure you push it all the way in, like an normal SD card. Then you can remove the adapter and the berlin1000 drive becomes invisible. It is so small that the beautiful design of your MacBook stays exactly the same as before. Only you know that you have tons of memory available!

The drive is based on SD card technology and even though it is not quite as fast as your SSD, it is very sufficient for storing your files.

Please have a look in our support section to learn more or read the FAQ.