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berlin1000 drive will add 64GB of memory to your MacBook Pro and Air

Our newest product will be available soon: Memory expansion for MacBook Pro and Air.

Harddrives and SSDs are often too small. This is often noticed when the MacBook is used for a while and you did not have ordered the biggest – and most expansive – SSD. A new and bigger SSD is often pretty expensive.

A reasonable and elegant solution is our berlin1000 drive, that gives your MacBook 64GB more memory as additional drive in the SD-card slot. You can copy your music library on it for example and free your faster SSD.

berlin1000 drive is made of the memory part and a fitting adapter. We chose this solution, because you can put the drive in the SD-card slot deep enough to make invisible when the adapter is removed. So you’ll get more memory by maintaining the minimalist Apple Design.

berlin1000 drive will be available soon!